How To Enter

How to Enter

Between 10th July and 15th August you can register your interest to enter the awards. A webinar / seminar is planned for all persons who registered. Download a registration form from

Entries open from 24th August to 5pm Mon16th October. Download from an entry form template (available from 24th August) for the category or categories you plan to enter. NOTE: you may enter as many categories as you wish, provided separate entries are lodged for each category you are entering.

Prepare your entry using the following guidelines:

Complete your entry using the same heading as the judging criteria. Maximum of 5 A4 sized pages. Do not exceed the maximum number of pages. Information more than the 5 pages will be ignored. Complete the online Entry form and Upload entries for all the categories you wish to enter in the 2017 Awards, together with the online form.

If you wish to elaborate on any aspect of your Entry and require additional space use Part B.

Any additional information that you wish to submit including photo’s videos etc. Submit your additional information by email to

Hard copies of entries are not required. IMPORTANT: your entry must not exceed a maximum of 20 megabytes. Entries over 20MB will be rejected.