This is an Accommodation Category Award

Description of the Category:

This category recognises the establishment with outstanding quality levels in service and facilities with evidence of cleanliness, value for money, catering (if applicable) and activities that enhance the guest experience


3+ star hotels and resorts with of Evidence of in-room amenities, food & beverage outlets and activity options that enhance the guest experience in this target market.

How to Enter:

Step 1: Register your Interest to submit an Application online.

  • If you are entering more than one category, a separate registration must be submitted for each. Please ensure you read the submission requirements and criteria for the Category closely before you submit your submission form.
  • Registration will be Open from Monday 15 July
  • Log onto our FETA website to register:
  • The Secretariat will respond by email to confirm your registration.
  • During this period, FETA will also assist with enquiries relating to How to prepare an Application & Enter the Awards.

Step 2: Prepare Your Application/s

  • Ensure you provide all required information and attach all required supporting documentation in the format required for the Category
  • Ensure you include a completed copy of the Application disclaimer statement.
  • Use the Checklist to ensure that you are submitting a complete Application.

Step 3: Submit your Application/s

  • Upload your applications to the website OR Email Application as a PDF to [email protected]. Entrants can provide up to 3MB of supporting evidence in a pdf
  • Application/s plus supporting evidence attached must not exceed 8MB size.

Entries close 5pm, Monday 15th November, 2019

Conditions of Entry:

  • Entry into this Award is open to any entity in the tourism arena that has been trading for a period of 12 months prior to the application close-off date; for 2019 this will be 15th November, 2019.
  • The Award will be presented at the discretion of the judges, based on the submissions received;
  • If at any time following submission of an application, the business/organisation being put forward goes into administration, voluntary receivership, liquidation or bankruptcy, the entrant is required to advise the Secretariat in writing and accepts that the submission will no longer be eligible for an award.

 General Rules and Conditions of Entry:

  • The minimum information required in the Criteria Assessment section of your category must be supplied in the format required.
  • Supporting evidence & information can then be referenced as relevant & attached to your submission in any format that you choose.
  • Strict word counts apply as laid out in the Criteria Assessment section of your category.
  • Each category will be judged on key criteria, each criteria being worth points as noted & points will be awarded on ALL information supplied.
  • Unanswered criteria will attract zero points.

Applicants are required to note if required criteria is not relevant to their operation & why, or if they are restricted from providing information.

  • Judges’ Decisions
    The decisions of the ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Award Judging Panel & its Trustees are final.
  • Confidentiality
    All information submitted is strictly confidential & assessed only by the Judging Panel.
  • Judging & Site Visits
    The judging panel consists of a Head Judge and expert judges for each category that judges all applications.  The Secretariat and Organising Committee have NO involvement in the judging of submissions.

All submissions will be judged per the criteria as detailed in the Category criteria and on supporting documentation relating to the criteria.

Site visits will be made before final judging.  The purpose of a visit is to assess the business being short listed & for verification of claims that may be made within the submission.

Applicants are under no obligation to offer a free experience of their product in their application, & unless there are specific logistic requirements (i.e. special transportation arrangements), visits by judges will not be announced prior to, or declared on arrival to management.


  • Product identification                                                                         10 points
  • Marketing                                                                                               10 points
  • Customer service & professional development                           20 points
  • Sustainability & innovation                                                               30 points
  • For short-listed applicants, the site inspection will be             10 points

Product Identification – Limit to 1 A4 Page 10 points

  • Provide a general overview of the nature & history of your operation. You must demonstrate your eligibility for entry in this category as outlined in the description above.
  • Detail your product mix & tariff structure.
  • What facilities &/or services do you offer to enhance the tourism experience for your guests?

 Marketing – Limit to 1 A4 page 10 points

  • Who are your target markets & how did you identify them?
  • Describe the marketing strategies used to attract each target market & detail the success/outcomes of those strategies with supporting documentation where possible.
  • What is your distinctive difference & how do you promote it to attract each of your target markets?
  • Demonstrate how potential visitors are provided with an accurate & responsible depiction of what to expect from the experience/product.

 Customer Service & Professional Development – Limit to 1 A4 page 20 points

  • Explain how you achieve & maintain quality customer service throughout your organization. Consider how you stay abreast of industry developments. Consider your repeat business strategy, feedback collection & change implementation.
  • How do you identify & provide for people with specific needs?
  • State the number of people working in the business & explain how you identify & determine professional development needs.
  • Describe the range of training/skill development programs undertaken, how they were measured, the extent of uptake & outcomes for the business.

 Sustainability & Innovation – Limit to 1 A4 page 30 points

  • Describe & demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.
  • Describe how your business engages with the local community values & culture. If local products & services are not available, briefly explain.
  • Describe any innovations that have taken place over the history of your operation to improve your business & the specific benefits achieved.
  • Include innovations that have taken place to improve your visitor experience, infrastructure development, new marketing ideas or sales activities. Innovations do not include routine maintenance or repairs.

The minimum requirement for the Criteria Assessment following is a summary application of no greater page length than stated for each criteria.  You may then reference & supply additional information.

ALL information supplied will be considered when awarding points.

Key Contact

For any questions or clarifications about your application or the entry/submission process, please contact the Secretariat on: P: 679 – 8645087 │E: [email protected] │S: LaveniaRadiva