This is an Environment Sustainability Award

Category Description:

This award recognises the efforts & contributions made by individuals & organisations who have successfully implemented environmentally sustainable initiatives, demonstrable by long-term commitment & performance.  It also recognises the promotion, development & engagement with the Fijian people & operators understanding of Fiji’s Green Growth Framework.


Private tourism operations, hotels, resorts, villages & non-profit entities.

How to Enter:

Step 1: Register your Interest to submit an Application online.

  • If you are entering more than one category, a separate registration must be submitted for each. Please ensure you read the submission requirements and criteria for the Category closely before you submit your submission form.
  • Registration will be Open from Monday 15 July
  • Log onto our FETA website to register:
  • The Secretariat will respond by email to confirm your registration.
  • During this period, FETA will also assist with enquiries relating to How to prepare an Application & Enter the Awards.

Step 2: Prepare Your Application/s

  • Ensure you provide all required information and attach all required supporting documentation in the format required for the Category
  • Ensure you include a completed copy of the Application disclaimer statement.
  • Use the Checklist to ensure that you are submitting a complete Application.

Step 3: Submit your Application/s

  • Upload your applications to the website OR Email Application as a PDF to [email protected]. Entrants can provide up to 3MB of supporting evidence in a pdf
  • Application/s plus supporting evidence attached must not exceed 8MB size.

Entries close 5pm, Tuesday 15th November, 2019

Conditions of Entry:

  • Entry into this Award is open to any entity in the tourism arena that has been trading for a period of 12 months prior to the application close-off date; for 2019 this will be 15th November, 2019.
  • The Award will be presented at the discretion of the judges, based on the submissions received;
  • If at any time following submission of an application, the business/organisation being put forward goes into administration, voluntary receivership, liquidation or bankruptcy, the entrant is required to advise the Secretariat in writing and accepts that the submission will no longer be eligible for an award.

General Rules and Conditions:

  • The minimum information required in the Criteria Assessment section of your category must be supplied in the format required.
  • Supporting evidence & information can then be referenced as relevant & attached to your submission in any format that you choose.
  • Strict word counts apply as laid out in the Criteria Assessment section of your category.
  • Each category will be judged on key criteria, each criteria being worth points as noted & points will be awarded on ALL information supplied.
  • Unanswered criteria will attract zero points.

Applicants are required to note if required criteria is not relevant to their operation & why, or if they are restricted from providing information.

  • Judges’ Decisions

The decisions of the ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Award Judging Panel & its Trustees are final.

  • Confidentiality

All information submitted is strictly confidential & assessed only by the Judging Panel.

  • Judging & Site Visits

The judging panel consists of a Head Judge and expert judges for each category that judges all applications.  The Secretariat and Organising Committee have NO involvement in the judging of submissions.

All submissions will be judged per the criteria as detailed in the Category criteria and on supporting documentation relating to the criteria.

Site visits will be made before final judging.  The purpose of a visit is to assess the business being short listed & for verification of claims that may be made within the submission.

Applicants are under no obligation to offer a free experience of their product in their application, & unless there are specific logistic requirements (i.e. special transportation arrangements), visits by judges will not be announced prior to, or declared on arrival to management.




Guest Engagement                                                                             10 points

Resource & Energy Management                                                       20 points

Solid & Liquid Waste Management                                                    20 points

Biodiversity safeguards & site rehabilitation/integration                  10 points

Social Equity & Livelihood Benefits                                                    10 points



Additional information                                                                       15 points

NOTE:  For short-listed applicants, the site inspection will be           15 points


Entry Guidelines Criteria Assessment:

Guest Engagement –                                                              10 points

Provide a general overview of the nature & history of your operation. You must demonstrate your eligibility for entry in this category as outlined in the description above.  How does your business inform your guests of policies and recommendations to reduce waste, and conserve both energy & resources?  What low-carbon/zero-emission activities are provided for guests (i.e. sailing, snorkeling, hiking, cycling)? How are they promoted, and what portion of revenue/guest time do they make up relative to carbon/resource intensive activities (i.e. fishing tours, scuba diving, jet skis, etc.?)  How does your branding and advertising highlight your sustainability efforts and to what extent is this prioritized in selecting guest clientele?

What opportunities do guests have to engage in sustainability discussion and education on-site (i.e. – what sort of publications and installations are available on-site to communicate local/endemic species, is there a resident marine biologist or other natural scientist on-staff to facilitate guest education?, etc.)

Resource & Energy Management –                                     20 points

How is your energy generated (FEA grid-connected, diesel generators, solar panels, etc.)? How much electricity does your establishment consume per month? (in kilowatt hours – this will be easy to determine if there is grid-connected FEA billing, or will be expressed in expenditure records for fuel required if diesel generation is used, or solar generation/capacity statistics, etc.) How many land vehicles/sea vessels/air craft does the tourism operator use (rent/own) – and what make/model/year? How much is spent on fuel for each mode of transport? What mode of transport do staff use to commute?  How is water supplied and stored (WAF reticulation, desalinization, natural sources such as springs or waterways, guttering systems for collection & storage tanks – if so, what volume is stored and used per day/month?)

Solid & Liquid Waste Management –                                   20 points

Is waste separated? If so, into what types of waste (glass: beer bottles, wine bottles, plastic bottles, cans, foil, wrappers, foams, etc.?)  Where are the various waste streams disposed of, either on-site or off-site, and through which collectors and processors (Lautoka Dump, PET through Mission Pacific, Waste incinerators/generators, etc.?)  What percentage of kitchen waste is composted on-site, and what is the volume per day?  What are liquid waste treatment protocols (composting toilets, pit latrines, septic system, reticulated sewage) and what chemicals are required? Management process for hydrological features (water table/tides, springs/aquifer wells, surface water such as streams, rivers, or lakes) What cleaning supplies, solvents, lubricants, and other chemicals are used on-site, and how are they stored/disposed of?

Biodiversity safeguards & site rehabilitation/integration –            10 points

What kind of plants & animals are endemic to the tourism operator site (kula birds, sago palm, tagimoucia flowers, iguana subspecies, seagrass beds, bech de mer, colar species, fish species, etc.)  How are these species’ habitats protected by the site operators from degradation by business practices or guest/staff activities? How many of these species are featured in your marketing and branding, and in what manner?  What percentage of business is derived from site-specific features (such as reefs for snorkelling/diving, surf breaks, rainforest access, waterfalls, or other unique landmarks and offerings?) Does the tourism operator maintain landscaping with a formal land management staff and plan? (Y/N)  Does the tourism operator maintain a garden or agricultural land/livestock ? (Y/N) a)  If Yes, what crops are grown/animals raised?  b)  If No, where are all the foods & drinks sourced? (province/village, proximity, farm/supplier names & crops/products from each)

Social Equity & Livelihood Benefits –                                    10 points       

Does your company have a vision/mission statement and/or ethics/corporate responsibility policy?  How are staff recruited? What is the rate of retention?  What percentage of staff is comprised of locals? (also from within or outside the province and the male/female split)

What percentage of management is comprised of Fiji nationals (and male/female split)?

What training programmes are offered at induction or on an annual/recurring basis to build capacity in local staff and management?  What benefits are provided to all staff beyond wage/salary compensation? (health insurance, continuing education sponsorship, etc.)  How does management/ownership speculate the business might operate in fifty years given the challenges, advantages, and other realities of their tourism site?


The minimum requirement of the Criteria Assessment above is a summary application of no greater length than stated for each criterion.  You may then reference & supply additional information.  ALL information submitted will be considered when awarding points.

Key Contact

For any questions or clarifications about your application or the entry/submission process, please contact the Secretariat on: P: 679 – 8645087 │E: [email protected] │S: LaveniaRadiva