Rules and Conditions of Entry

General Rules and Conditions of Entry:

  • The minimum information required in the Criteria Assessment section of your category must be supplied in the format required.
  • Supporting evidence & information can then be referenced as relevant & attached to your submission in any format that you choose.
  • Each category will be judged on key criteria, each criterion being worth points as allocated & points will be awarded on information supplied.
  • Unanswered criteria will attract zero points.
  • Applicants are required to note if required criteria is not relevant to their operation & why, or if they are restricted from providing information.

Judges’ Decisions

  • The decisions of the ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Award Judging Panel & its Trustees are final.


  • All information submitted is strictly confidential & assessed only by the Judging Panel;
    the Action Team & Secretariat have NO involvement in the assessment of submissions.

Judging & Site Visits

The judging panel consists of a Head Judge and expert judges for each category that judges all applications. The Action Team & Secretariat have NO involvement in the judging of submissions. All submissions will be judged per the criteria as detailed in the Category criteria and on supporting documentation relating to the criteria. Site visits will be made before final judging. The purpose of a visit is to assess the business being short listed & for verification of claims that may be made within the submission. For site visits, Category 7–10, Applicants will be required to provide free accommodation only, all other incidentals will be at cost to the Judge(s). The Secretariat will liaise with management on site visit dates/details.


  • You are required to sign the following disclaimer which is to be submitted with your entry.
  • By entering the ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards, you authorise the use &/or reproduction of images provided in relation to any editorial/advertising purposes initiated in conjunction with the Awards.
  • Under no circumstances will judges be held responsible for any comment, viewpoint or expression, whether expressed or implied, concerning the standard or quality of nominees’ submissions.
  • By entering your application, you agree not to bring a claim against any judge, trustee or member of the Action Team or related entity in relation to feedback on your submission.
  • Your Application is incomplete without a signed Disclaimer attached. Incomplete applications will be disqualified from the Awards

Key Contact

For any questions or clarifications about your application or the entry/submission process, please contact the Secretariat on: M: 679 9219011 E: [email protected] S: Michelle Emberson.