ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards announces 2024 season launch

ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards (FETA) today announced the 2024 season launch at Coffee Hub to kickstart preparations for the tourism industry’s premium and highly anticipated awards.

FETA Chair Debra Sadranu said the new season will once again provide an exciting opportunity for individuals and organisations in the tourism industry with a focus on diversity and inclusivity for all stakeholders.

Sadranu also welcomed four new sponsors to the event’s esteemed roll call of supporters; Gold Sponsors Fiji Airports, Harry Harry, Encore ANZPAC and Silver Sponsor Havas Host.

Fiji Airports, Encore, and, Harry Harry and Havas Host have committed to support the event for 1 and 3 years respectively along with current sponsors ANZ, Tappoo, Fiji Gas, Vodafone, Marsh, Fiji Water, Jacks of Fiji, and Vision Investments.

“The board is thrilled to have the support of so many respected industry leaders, without whom this event would not be possible,” says Sadranu. “This level of commitment is a testament to the vivacity of Fiji’s tourism industry and the celebration of all our stakeholders’ contribution to destination Fiji”.  

The FETA action team is working towards the preparation of online registration for the 2024 season and the team will be reaching out to tourism stakeholders through various platforms to encourage them to participate and register during this period.

FETA will be making further announcements leading up to the awards in the coming weeks.

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Jennifer Miller