ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards announces opening of entries for 2023 season

Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards (FETA) today announced that entries are open for submission after a successful registration period over the last two weeks. FETA Chair, Debra Sadranu said the submission process can be completed via FETA’s website using a newly integrated and automated submission portal which is a first for the awards.

“This is an exciting time for FETA and for all individuals and organisations in the industry who have registered for the season as they now can submit their entries via a user friendly and automated system which offers a more streamlined and efficient way of submitting entries”.

“This is extremely helpful as it allows applicants to save and complete their application at a later stage prior to final submission of entries by the closing date”. It also eliminates a lot of the manual processes that goes on in the back end during the application submission stage and is an encouraging move forward for the awards”.
Sadranu added that industry stakeholders have shown encouraging support during the registration period for the 2023 season, especially with the introduction of new categories last year and the acknowledgment of bronze and silver winner’s which is new for the prestigious awards.

New categories introduced last year which have encouraged more entrants are “Dive
Operator of the Year”, “Spa Operator of the Year” and “Wedding Operator of the Year”. Top individual awards for outstanding top performers are “Cultural Tourism Champion” and “Employee Excellence in Service” in addition to the individual awards for “Dixon Seeto Tourism Leader” and “Rising Star”.

There will be 20 award categories given out during the gala dinner event early next year presented together with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement and Visionary Award.

All application entries for the 2023 season must be submitted online by Friday, 15th
September. FETA will be making further announcements leading up to the awards in the coming weeks.

For media enquiries contact:
FETA Secretariat:
Michelle Emberson
Mobile: 9219011